Update on Ben’s Move to Springdale, AR 7-26-13

Ben move to Springdale, AR on July 5th, 2013…to the Elizabeth Richardson Center where his living unit will house 10 people instead of 30, and it will be two hours closer to us. It is a BIG step of faith, as he lived at his former living facility in Conway, AR for 37 years. BUT, we are getting older (and so is he–51 on the 4th of July), and the 4 hours each way from Tulsa and back got to be more than we could handle. We hope and pray that Ben will adjust as smoothly as possible, and feel assured that God is in it, and is going before us to prepare the way. There are many people in the Conway Human Development Center that we will ALL miss greatly. They have been loving and caring to Ben through the years, and we appreciate them SO much. A Christian speaker that I heard many years ago said, “God has friends everywhere!” That’s what we are counting on…that God will send new friends to help and provide as He has done in the past. PS…I just talked with Ben’s caseworker, and he said that Ben is fitting in real well, and has been calm and pleasant the whole past week that he has been there. That report was like “music to my ears!” I thank You Lord…with ALL MY HEART! I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes. If you think of it…say a prayer–OK? Thanks, Carole Norman Scott

7/26/13–Ben has lived in Springdale for 3 weeks now. I just talked to the nurse there, and she said, “I’m sure glad that Ben moved here…I really like him!” Then, she told me that Ben was playing “hot potato” (with a beach-ball) with others in the living unit yesterday, and he got so tickled about it that he laughed out-loud. THAT is a Praise the Lord! That is how I picture him when I think of him there. He has gotten to go to the movies, to church, swimming, and bowling just since he’s been there. God has answered prayers abundantly above what I asked, hoped, or prayed!

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