Poem: My Re-Awakening

Pink Honeysuckle & Purple Clematis

Pink Honeysuckle & Purple Clematis

Not specifically about autism,
but definitely something for us to think about in
each of our individual situations with autism.

POEM: A beautiful summer day in late July…
The chimes play a cheerful tune in the breeze
The locust drone on with a peaceful din
And, the little birds warble to my delight!

The sky is brilliant blue with puffy clouds
They roll quietly along without a care…
To enjoy or ignore: it is all of our own choosing
I choose this day to dwell on God’s provision.

With this scene—all seems right in the world
Hurts are forgotten and peace overtakes
How gracious of God to consider our needs
When creating this beauty with His loving hand.

I bless you Lord; for calling all to my attention
For my soul needed reawakening in Your love
There ARE troubles in this world, I know it’s true
But at this time—my eyes are set on YOU!

By: Carole Norman Scott—July 29th, 2013

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