Poem–Carefree Summer Days–By: CNS



Like carefree summer days of childhood,

this summer day

A joy renewed that kindles memories past.

Happy days when all seemed simple.

In retrospect, the view is clearer now…

Not totally carefree – but perceived as such

through childish eyes.


Now, more mature eyes fully comprehend.

The future looms…

 The present weighs heavy with its burdens…

 But Christ – His joy and mercy sharing

 Bids only rest – and HE will carry…

 True carefree summer days within us—

 Abundantly supplied!

              By: Carole Norman Scott

                      June 6, 1994

Listening to the birds and watching the squirrels—sitting on my patio               resting—mediating—feeling at peace.  It reminded me of my “carefree”          childhood!

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