Poem: Ben’s Visit Home!

                                                      By: Carole Norman Scott–1995


How can I explain what it’s like                        Oh, that we would never outgrow

            to have him home?                                      that same innocence of caring…

A ray of sunshine…A child-like                         The trivial recognized as such;

innocence, even at age thirty-three…             thinking only to show love.

A delight in the simple things of life…            Then, the valuable in life

The feeling that he is genuinely happy;          could have its proper place.

            Especially with me!                                      His spontaneity awakens us!


 He enjoys my cooking so — he stands               Odd, that one known as autistic

expectant as I prepare each dish…                    (living in his own little world)…

            He relishes each bite.                                    Could bring such joy…

He loves to go shopping and antiquing–          His dad once said, “He  may be

A trip to get a hamburger, shake, and                your comfort in your old age.”

french-fries, makes his eyes light up.                 It seemed far away then, in his

He prays before we eat — a kindred spirit!       childhood; he was so distressed!


 So many things the other children have          Now, to see him smile, to get a

            passed through and forgotten.                  hug, to hear “I love you mom…”

Time seems to stand still for Ben…                      IS a comfort; the nest empty.

It is as though he is reliving those                       Though years have flown, he

            childhood years                                                seems in touch with the years

The happy times the focus now                              he missed; that we missed too                                                                                                                                                                          Things a mother cherishes.                                     and grieved for so at the time!


Today he sat across from me and looked           I rejoice Lord…and praise You,

intently into my eyes…                                              Remembering my prayers of old

Smiling all the while; looking so radiant           As I struggled to cling to hope…

            and pleased…                                                     Ben has returned from the dead

As though—if he could communicate                  Perhaps different from others,

He would say “Mother, what a joy to be               But oh so different from how he

            home, and with you again!”                                    used to be!



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