Feeling, hurting, groaning to be free…Anguish, churning…told to none but Thee!

This earth holds store of many sorrows…We bow beneath their burden’s sore…

But look! Our Jesus comes victorious; His power o’er sin is so much more.

The Bible speaks of earthly groaning…All nature waits for trumpet’s sound;

When chains of pain and death are opened…Tears are dried & captives are unbound!


Jesus, You tarry only so that sinners…May have more time to fully know of Thee.

But Lord, Your children call upon You…the pain of life too much except for Thee!

Our spirits deep within our beings, rejoice and praise the Hope we claim…

We thank You for Your Spirit’s peace, Lord; The joy when calling on Your name!

This peace, it passes understanding…an inner strength to keep our trust in Thee.

We praise and thank You as our High Priest…You felt the “feeling” of infirmity.


You suffered pain beyond all measure…Upon the cross; Your blood shed for our sin.

It cleansed all those who’d ask forgiveness; God’s plan to save the vilest of all men.

The devil’s power appeared the victor…when limp and still Your body was entombed…

But God’s great love for all was proven…as You rose up — thus sealing Satan’s doom!

You took Your rightful place beside the Father…To intercede for us at His right hand

Your sacrifice obtained our mercy; now robed in righteousness, with You we stand!

                                               By: Carole Norman Scott

                                                        January 3, 1987






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