Update on: Letter to Committee Deciding Ben’s Placement 1/27/14

IMG_0625  As Ben Scott’s parents and guardians, we would like to fervently request that you strongly consider placing him back at the CONWAY HDC where he lived for 37 years (prior to moving to the Elizabeth Richardson Center 5 months ago).  The staff at Conway already knows, loves and understands Ben.  Being autistic and without adequate communication skills, it takes a LONG time to know about him, and we don’t believe that he can withstand another move to an unfamiliar place (nor can we)…where his condition hinders forming relationships quickly.  That’s why it is so important that he return to his home at the Conway HDC.

    At Conway, he had a job picking up the trash out in the community, and helped shred papers, and did well at both.  He related very well to his teacher/mentor, Liz Long…and they formed a strong bond.  He knew where everything there was located, and could even walk to the clinic from 31 Poplar unassisted.  He felt comfortable there, and had fellow clients he was used to.

    We moved Ben to a smaller facility because there were fewer people in the living unit there (10), and it was also two hours closer to our home.  It has not worked out as we hoped, and we feel that he needs to get back to the routine he was familiar with.  Living at the Conway Unit has made Ben more self-sufficient through the years, and we have always been very impressed with his medical care, individualized staffing meetings, and the loving care he received.

    We are beseeching you to consider all this as you make your decision.  Ben is 51 years old, and we are both 75, so that would be a Godsend to us all.  It is a straight run down I-40 for us to the Conway Unit, so it is the most convenient facility for us to attend to his needs.  His well-being is at stake here, and we would be remiss if we did not address this most important fact, and ask your help in fulfilling it.

 Thank you for your kind consideration…Carole & Jay Scott–Advocates for: Benjamin Scott

UPDATE: 1/27/14 Ben had a MAJOR upset at the ERC after we took him back on New Year’s day, and we were called and told we could either come and take him home, or he could go to a Regional Mental Health Clinic there for evaluation of his medications.  We chose the later because we felt that having his meds checked as the culprit for the “meltdowns” definitely needed to be done.  We felt the Ativan was not agreeing with him, and was escalating his behavior.  He was there for 9 days, and the ativan WAS reduced immediately, and a regimen to get him off of it permanently was begun (it has to be done gradually to be safe health-wise).  Also, his zoloft was increased (doubled).  His behavior at this facility was exemplary so they never encountered the outbursts he went there for (he’s  usually very co-operative with the doctors and nurses, and seems to know they are trying to help him).  Anyway, to make that decision…and have him in that setting was QUITE an emotional roller-coaster for us as his parents.   We finally met a wonderful Psychiatrist at the Mental Health Clinic.  He was “one of a kind”…listened, didn’t talk down to us, was even funny, and made us feel at ease.  We had never in all of Ben’s 50 years of doctors…met one like him!  We were impressed and thankful that all other workers were kind and helpful too!  One Neurological Psychologist upset me/us, but he was an exception.  Praise the Lord!  We did all of our usual things together…going to the mall, eating lunch out, going to Church and Sunday school, Ben helping his dad wash the cars and work in the yard, etc.  There was MUCH to be thankful for, and even more to come!

 Ben helping his dad bag up the leaves in the yard.

Ben helping his dad bag up the leaves in the yard.      

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