Latest Report from New Living Facility–9/17/13

Ben did SO well for 2 months, and then last Friday, 9/13/13, we got a call that he had had several behavior outbursts. They were at breakfast and dinner time when the 10 residents all sit around the table “family-style!” Several of the men were singing loudly, and I think that hurt Ben’s ears. He also doesn’t really care for people in that close proximity to him while he’s eating. Whatever, the reason…it was VERY disheartening to hear, as we had SO hoped that moving him to a place with less people and chaos would curb that behavior. It took me a while to “settle down” about it. For the first time in a LONG time, I almost felt like giving up. It has gone on SO long! Then, it dawned on me, that God has never let us down…that this has happened many times before, and although always hard, things have calmed down again, and life has gone on. God has been with us every step of the way…opened the door to Ben’s new facility, and has given them a chance to know him and his sweet, gentle spirit before this happened. We don’t ever get over “feeling” though, and a preacher once told me that even though we are trusting the Lord in our circumstances, when our bodies quit reacting to the stresses in life, that’s when we’ll be dead! I have remembered that all these years…it was a GOOD word…spoken in season! .

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