Update On Committee’s Decision 1/27/14

Ms. Scott,
An email stating: “The Placement Committee results were positive. Staff from CHDC will be in touch soon to coordinate admission. I’m glad this worked out for Ben.”  

We are SO thankful.  We hoped that the move to Springdale would be just the thing for Ben…but are SO glad we tried it.  We would always have wondered if we hadn’t.  So sad and disappointing, but now we know!

1/13/14–A “God-Sighting”–A friend and former neighbor (when she was a little girl–hadn’t seen or talked with her for over 40 years), saw my info about Ben’s situation on Facebook.   She now works at an Arkansas Congressman’s office (Ben is a constituent.. as he lives in their district at the ERC). She offered to send my letter to the Committee in Little Rock (AND to the Head of the department of Disability Services for the whole state of Arkansas) on the Congressman’s letterhead. Of course we said “YES!” God DOES work in mysterious ways. The Committee meets tomorrow (Jan. 14th) to decide Ben’s placement. Please pray! Thanks SO much!

January 20th…Within a week, Ben was accepted at the Conway, AR HDC (back where he had lived for 37 years previously), and will be able to move back to the exact same living unit, and the exact same private room.  THAT is love and concern from those who are in charge of the HDC, and who love Ben from his years of living there.  He’ll be back with those who already know and care about him.  THAT IS A MIRACLE!  It COULD have taken weeks or months!  GOD IS GOOD!  We will be taking him there on Wednesday, January 22nd.

Ben doing his puzzle while at home.  He loves working puzzles!

Ben doing his puzzle while at home. He loves working puzzles!

January 27, 2014–We drove to Fayetteville, AR on Tuesday, January 21st and stayed all night in a hotel because Ben had to be transported from one facility to the other all in the same day (rule) on the 22nd.  On Wednesday, January 22nd, we got to the ERC in Springdale at 8:20am, and they had all Ben’s belongings ready for us to load into our car.  We then drove 3 hours to Conway, AR…ate lunch and had Ben at the CHDC by 1:00pm for his admission check-up by the doctor at the clinic there.  Ben then went to his living unit and was greeted by the other clients and staff people, and it was reported that all were glad to see each other again.  Jay and I met privately with the physician who is Ben’s Primary Care doctor, and we told him all that had transpired in the last 6 months at the ERC.  We then went to a staffing meeting about Ben (all the personel that work closely with him) and filled them in with the same info.  Jay went to the business office and took care of financial matters there.  In the meantime, Ben had made his bed and was resting in it…as he had been up since 6:00am that morning.  I then went to Ben’s living unit and told them we were ready to unload Ben’s belongings from the car, and about 6 fellow clients and Ben (along with a staff worker) came and helped carry everything back to Ben’s room.  The fellows were excited to show me how strong and helpful they were.  Ben helped me unpack the boxes and sacks and put his clothing in his closet and chest of drawers.  Then, we said our “good-byes”…and Jay and I headed for a hotel there in Conway to collapse for a while before we ate dinner and crashed for the night.  We were BEAT!  All the waiting, wondering, praying, believing, trusting, actual doing…was catching up with us.  We are both 75 years old, and the past 6 months has been a draining experience…both physically AND emotionally.  It was nothing however, like leaving him the 1st time when he was only 13 and not fully grown, and had never been away from home.  We will NEVER forget THAT day.  At least this time…he was in a familiar setting…with people he knew and who knew him well…and where he had room to walk around (it’s a big facility, and he knows the grounds well).  Lord, Ben is in YOUR hands!  We have acted out our faith by trying the “new” and now know FOR SURE that Ben is where he needs to be.  I assured him that we would still come and get him for visits just like before, and I pray the Lord gives us the strength and good health to fulfill that promise.  I’ll keep you posted…God is GOOD…ALL THE TIME!

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