Ben Today–Autism & Meds–7/17/11–5/18/12

6-15-11 Ben is almost 49, and is on Tegretol for seizures.  Recently, he was showing high blood/pressure levels, so was put on Diltiazem.  That did not mix well with the Tegretol, and made his Tegretol level shoot up to 18 (8 to 12 is normal).  That made him dizzy and he was vomiting.  They put him in the hospital for IV’s (fluids) and tests, and that is how all this came to light!  Even as an adult, Ben is not able to tell the doctors what is bothering him.  Thankfully, they know him very well where he lives, and can almost tell (like a mother can) by the look in his eyes, when he is hurting.  However, if you ask him where he hurts, he ALWAYS puts his hand to his head.  So, it may OR it may not be his head that is hurting.  This makes it very hard for everyone involved, but especially for Ben.  He does not complain of pain, and has been known to have an ear infection that made his ear bleed out onto the pillow before anyone knew he was hurting.  Also, when he broke his arm, he didn’t come in and tell anyone that he fell.  It wasn’t until it started swelling that they knew to X-ray, and then to operate on it.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be unable to communicate or report those needs, OR to not feel the pain like other people. 

 I just talked with the nurse at Ben’s living facility, and he has gone back to his living unit today from the infirmary.  After three days in the hospital last week, they kept him at the infirmary to be able to watch him closely while slowly returning his dosage of Tegretol (they had taken him off of it to get the level stabilized).  They also stopped the blood/pressure medicine that was the culprit in the first place.  We’re praying the new B/P med has NO ill effects!  SO glad I know to ask God to send His friends to see to Ben’s needs when I can’t always be there.  He has provided so caringly in the past, and did this time too, and we are SO thankful!  The “Journey In the Wilderness of Autism” continues!  SO glad we aren’t on that road alone!  Deuteronomy 31:8

Ben’s 49th Birthday at home!

7-17-11  Since I wrote this, Ben has been home for another 7 day visit.  He did GREAT!  His birthday is the 4th of July, so we celebrated that, plus, he went to my Prayer meeting with me, and actually reached out to shake hands and hug some of the people…calling them by name when introduced!  He helped clear the table, rinse the dishes, and put them in the dishwasher…putting them all away when clean.  We went shopping, ate lunch out, went to church, and all in all…he was a delight to have at home.  He rests every afternoon for a couple of hours (usually taking a nap)…and that gives me time to rest too!  I/we PRAISE THE LORD for such bounteous blessings, and enjoy every one of them to the fullest! 

5/18/12  This past week, Ben had another series of seizures (3)…and this time, it was low sodium and Tegretol that were battling each other.  He was sent to the hospital, but his sodium had risen by that afternoon, so they kept him in the infirmary several nights so they could check on him better.  After the Tegretol and sodium both tested normal, he was moved back to his living unit, and we hope and pray that the med levels will continue in that fashion.  Lord, have mercy!  By: Carole Norman Scott

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