Ben Settled Back at Conway CHDC–2-24-14

Just had Ben’s one-month staffing meeting on 2-20-14 after he moved back to the Conway Human Development Center on January 22, 2014.  We were so impressed once again with the care and thought that had gone into his reports and placement.  Someone from every area of his life was there to join in on what would be best for him…Primary care doctor, nurse in his living unit, head of his living unit, his classroom mentor, his work mentor, his psychological examiner, the social worker, the HTT program director, and us…his parents and guardians.    

All in all, they said that Ben had settled in very well.  He, and those he had lived with for so many years, were glad to see each other again.  He went straight to his room, made his bed, and got in it for a rest.  Unfortunately, he had experienced several episodes of behavior that were not so good, but we heard some good reports too.  A small one (but very welcome to us), was that he was enjoying watching the birds at the birdfeeder outside his classroom window as he worked his puzzles (with a smile on his face).  It is amazing how just those few words produced a happy picture of Ben in our minds that brought us much joy!  It was decided that we should hear more news like that along with news of his upsets!  All they do is produce sad, negative thoughts, but the little reports of a calm and happy countenance for Ben helped produce deep inner peace for us as his parents.  That’s how we see him on his visits at home, and it’s so comforting to know he has those moments while away too!  Our goal at this stage of the game (age 51) is for him to live as happy and peaceful a life as possible, and we thank God for those who help Ben in this endeavor!


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