4. Ben at Four and Five Years of Age

Ben’s 4th Birthday!

By: Carole Norman Scott

Four and one-half years old

 l.  Doesn’t play at all with single child unless it is his sister.  Won’t do anything she wants him to unless it is playing chase, or tickling or wrestling.  (This would all be normal in a little boy I think, if it wasn’t so plain that he’ll only play what he wants to play!)  He wouldn’t think of doing even that with any other child (other than Maureen).

2.  Urinates by himself now without being told — with no accidents except every now and then he waits too long (which is very normal I think.)

3.  Still doesn’t have BM’s without being told to go and sit on the pot, and then will go as long as a week, and then have to have help with it (Fleet’s enema).  For six weeks (from middle of Oct. to last of Nov.), he did real well and averaged about every three days.  Suddenly, he slid back into his old pattern of smudging his pants.

4.  Will never answer a direct question.  Acts like he doesn’t hear you, but can say anything he wants when he really wants it.  Seems confused if you try to give him instructions.  Can follow real simple ones but gets panicky if too much is expected of him.

5.  Does the same naughty things over and over and over,  although he’s really a pretty well-behaved little boy.  It’s just like he hadn’t heard you tell him to quit.

6.  He has a habit of moaning with his hand over his mouth.  It’s almost like he starts to say something and then thinks better of it, and makes that noise to keep words from coming out.

7.  We hung his paintings on the wall and he is learning the colors in them.

8.  He has never said one word about Nursery School or Sunday School.  Went to the farm with the Nursery School, and never said one word about it before or after.

Ben (19) with his former Kindergarten  teacher.

Ben (19) with his former Kindergarten teacher.

9.  It worries me so about him starting to Kindergarten.  How will he get along in a regular class if he won’t talk to the teacher?  He has said nothing about Christmas this year although he looks at the catalog and knows who Santa Claus is.  There seemingly is no feeling about such things outwardly.

10.  He does seem happier lately and when he has been sad, he has cried like it really bothered him.  He is very affectionate (or will allow you to cuddle him).  He doesn’t do it on his own too much.

11. He is trying to tease a little.  He points to red on his painting and says, “that’s not black,” etc.

12.  He learns songs and prayers and sets dishes on the table for me.


December, 1967              Five and one-half years old

1.  Has quit sucking his thumb.

2.  Wants Maureen to play with him.  Gets her by the hand and says, “Do you want Maureenie?”

3.  Shook his head “yes” once and “no” once in one day when asked a question.

4.  Would chase Maureen as well as being chased.

5.  Was happy drawing a cat with my help, and when I quit, he took my hand and said, “That’s not enough!”

6.  Plays same game with his Grandpa and with his Daddy, but says “Play Whoa” to Grandpa, and “Play Oh My Goodness” to Daddy (what each says to him.  They hold him on their legs and then let him fall between them, holding on to him by his arms, and they say “Whoa,” etc.)

7.  Was interested in Christmas gifts and opened the gifts without being prodded.  Tore into the papers and stayed right with us until all presents were unwrapped.  Asked for more presents (It used to be that he would go in the other room when we went to open the presents.)

8.  Started stuttering while visiting in K.C. at Christmas time.

9.  Puts his hand over your mouth real hard while you are trying to talk to him.

10.  All through his life, his left eye has had a yellowish discharge from it, and he had to have eye-drops put in it.  He was real good about letting me do it.  Suddenly in September, right before he started school, his eye cleared up, and has had no discharge ever since.

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