Ben On A Trip With Us–10/28, 2013

We picked Ben up at his Living Facility in Springdale, AR, and drove to Eureka Springs, AR on October 28th–30th, 2013. We stayed at a hotel, shopped in the quaint town, ate at restaurants, and enjoyed the beauty of the the Fall Foliage there. He had gained weight, and is now on a small daily dosage of ativan, so tired easily…but all in all…he did GREAT, and was a perfect gentleman! SO much to be thankful for! That he could take a “mini” vacation with us is a TRUE blessing! Don’t ever give up hope! There was a time when I wondered if something like this would EVER be possible!

In the 1st picture, Ben is enjoying the music of a guitar player in the fountain area in downtown Eureka Springs. 2nd Picture–Ben as he watched the food being prepared at the restaurant (his seat faced the kitchen). You can see the “anticipation” on his face! 3rd picture–the beautiful foliage we saw there!




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