A Poem: Balanced Doctrine By: CNS

                                               BALANCED DOCTRINE

 Some say there is no need for suffering in this world today…“God’s not glorified thru sickness—He wants you well,” they staunchly say!

They say “Jesus is victorious, Satan’s bound, we’re free in You…Your stripes have healed forever—We only claim it—it is true!”

 I believe it Lord, and yet I wrestle one great truth you’ve shown me sore;That just as Jesus lived it—What’ere will glorify You more!  (Matt. 26:39)

It was not Your plan that we should suffer, but as with Job You oft allow…A length of pain, yes, even suffering to bring about Your good somehow!

 Lord, they are right—You ARE the Victor over death, there is no doubt…But somehow they seem to limit You; giving Satan undue clout!

Through my days and years of learning—You have shown You’re in control…Days and years of truly trusting—Faith grown deeper in my soul…

For as my eyes would see it—NOTHING is impossible for you…Things on earth that seem to conquer—You reign right o’er them too! (John 16:33)

For the victory lies in praising through the trials, not them removed (Rom. 5:3-11) Giving loved ones to You gladly—sure You’ll bring about Your good!  (Rom. 8:28)

 Lord, if we removed that step, (oft at the start), and said “I will be free”…  We may sometimes keep from happening all that Your plan meant to be.

We could somehow thwart exactly what might place You on Your throne…Thus cut short the total glory of others knowing what we’ve known!

You know the needs of each our loved ones, know them right down to their core…Will this bring them to salvation—Christ’s Lordship claimed forevermore?

 For Jesus talked of trials and sorrows here on earth that we must bear…But gave us hope of TOTAL glory—His death & resurrection shared! (Eph. 2:4-7)

He said He’d never leave us lonely—not like orphans in the storm…(John 14:17-18)  But His Holy Spirit’s comfort would always serve to spur us on!

 When He comes back and Satan in the lake of fire is doomed… (Rev. 20:10) THEN will the earth—as its beginning—be free of every form of gloom…

For now He is our “HOPE”—our bodies groan for rest and peace (Rom. 8:18-25).  When He comes with His Kingdom glorious—All earth will shout at sin’s release!

 Written By: Carole Norman Scott—Spring, 1985… after an encounter with a loving prayer group that tended to believe in “Name it and claim it,” and had no idea how I had trusted the Lord about our autistic son Ben…and how I had turned him over to the Lord and had seen the Lord do mighty things through his affliction!  They said that Ben would be healed by the amount of my Faith, and that God was not glorified through rages!  I prayed all the way home and heard the Lord say, “Carole, you HAVE trusted Me and HAVE had faith, you just don’t remember…I DO, and I WILL use Ben to glorify myself!

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