A ZOOM MEETING WITH BEN–DEC. 18th, 2020 By: Carole Norman Scott

My husband and I had a Zoom meeting with Ben on Friday, December 18th, 2020. It was our second one, but this time we really wondered how it would go because we had gone to see him in person on October 20th for a short visit, and his living facility had been battling Covid 19 since last March. THAT was NOT a pleasant visit. We met out in the park adjoining the living units, and we ALL had on masks. We were not supposed to hug Ben or take him anywhere, and he cannot carry on a conversation. We almost didn’t go, but felt we MUST see him to determine how he was truly doing through this chaotic time. He looked SO forlorn.

He kept looking me straight in the eye…looking & looking, until I said, “Ben, what are you thinking about?” In a small voice, he said, “Chili’s!” Chili’s is where we always took him there in Conway for his favorite dinner of Chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn-on-the-cob. I had to tell him that because of the Covid flu, we could not do that this time, but when things calmed down, we would do all the things we used to do…that we all enjoyed doing together so much. He seem to accept that, but still was not happy about it, and we weren’t either. It was a very tender moment in ALL our lives. My heart ached for him ever after…so I was not looking forward to the Zoom meeting and how we could spend that time with him.

I had sent him a Christmas package in the mail, and it was to arrive the day before our meeting. When the camera showed Ben, he looked good physically, and seemed glad to see us. His young, male, staff worker was pleasant and helpful. He had the box in his hands that I had sent, and it was opened at the top so Ben could open his presents in front of us (we had never even thought of that…so it was a VERY pleasant surprise). Ben proceeded to open each present without much reaction, but then found the 2 “treats” I had included…a box of Cracker Jacks, and a small package of Peanut M & M’s. Ben doesn’t do ANYTHING “half-way.” He opened the Cracker Jacks and slowly ate everyone of them…then, opened the M & M’s and ate the whole package. All of that took about 10 minutes, and by then, our time was almost up…so THAT took care of how we would fill the time! How good God is…to work that all out. He answers prayer abundantly above what we ask, think, or pray. His ways are FAR above ours, We got to see Ben and know that all was well with him and leave him looking happy! I then had a more pleasant picture of him in my mind to think on. Praise the Lord! What a wonderful invention ZOOM is!

About autism45

I am the mother of a fifty-nine year old autistic son. My blog, autism45, contains journals, poems, pictures, photography, letters, and other writings and insights pertaining to autism and the spiritual growth we (my husband and I) have experienced from it all. I hope you will visit my blog, and benefit from all I have shared...all that has happened through the years. Take your time, and come back again and again. God bless you and yours! autism45.wordpress.com
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