Ben’s Christmas Visit–12/23-28/2014

All the Scott family at the Olive Garden Christmas Eve--2014

All the Scott family at the Olive Garden Christmas Eve–2014

Ben & Jay (my husband) just left this morning to take Ben back to his living facility in Conway, AR…after a Christmas visit of 6 days.  I just had to write and PRAISE THE LORD that Ben (52) got to come home once again (remember when I wondered last July if that would ever be possible again after he got upset and had a behavior incident at home and again, when he got back to his living facility)?  My husband picked him up on Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, and he looked good.  He looked healthy and his eyes were bright.  We didn’t know what to expect because he had been put on Risperadone last July, and I had read about all the possible side effects.  He was calm and peaceful, and we got him cleaned up, trimmed, and he then took a nap (we ALL did).  After supper, we watched TV (ballgames and other shows) together.  The next morning, Ben went to wash the car with his dad, and then had a good nap before the rest of our family came (our older daughter from KC with her 2 daughters, 18 & 20).  Our younger son came too, and we all were able to go to the Olive Garden Restaurant to eat our Christmas dinner together.  Ben loved it and when asked what he wanted to eat…answered, “Sagnia” (lasagna).  We went back home and opened our presents after that.  Our daughter gave Ben a KC Royals Championship Hat, and he put it on and wore it the rest of the evening.  Then, we had brownies with mint/chip ice-cream on them (his favorite).  We didn’t venture clear downtown to Church for the Christmas Eve service like we have in the past because that might have just been TOO much (LOTS of people there).  But, Christ was in our hearts, and we were praising Him for coming to Earth for our Redemption, and also…for the joy of us all being able to be together again.

Ben (L), Maureen & John Christmas, 2014

Ben (L), Maureen & John Christmas, 2014

On Christmas Day, we took it easy and then all enjoyed a time of fellowship around the kitchen table eating chili and hot-dogs…before the rest of the family had to leave to go home.  Ben got up of his own accord to come outside to “see them off!”  I could tell he loved being with them again.  On the day after Christmas, he slept a LOT (more than usual), but I thought it was just that he was worn out from all the activities.  On Saturday, he slept even more, and his eyes looked as though he might have a migraine headache or a sinus infection (he never complains or tells you where he hurts…only goes to sleep).  When we mentioned going to Braum’s (ice-cream and hamburger place) for supper, he perked up though and seemed to feel better the rest of the evening.  Maybe he just had the after-Christmas “let down” like we all do, or was taking advantage of resting in the peacefulness of “home” while he had the chance!  Whatever–I called his living facility this morning after he and Jay left and told them I wanted Ben to go to the clinic tomorrow and be checked…just in case.  I just talked with my husband, and all went well on their trip back to Arkansas (a 4-hour trip each way).  Ben did great and seemed OK about going back.  What a blessing–THANK YOU LORD!  

Ben on Christmas Eve--2014

Ben on Christmas Eve–2014


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