Autistic Child’s Spiritual Potential! By: Carole Norman Scott

 When I toured The Little Lighthouse (a school in Tulsa, OK. for handicapped children), I noticed Bible Verses on the walls.  I was so glad because as I tell in my testimony, Spiritually…. these special children are often already whole and healed.  I feel of one Spirit with my son Ben.  I can talk to him about Spiritual things and he listens, and looks intent and interested.  He will pray with me (quietly), and he loves the name of Jesus in word and song.

 The people at his place of residence didn’t know that he could sing until I told them and played a tape for them of him singing “To God Be The Glory.”  The assistant pastor there then gave special lessons to Ben and several other children, helping them to learn hymns and to sing in a choir they established for the Church services.  Ben even got to sing a solo of  “To God Be The Glory” for a church service there, and all the people who live and work with him were blessed because it ministered to them, and because they did not know Ben that could do that.  I think of Ben everytime we sing that hymn in church.

Ben (19) with his Kindergarten teacher.

 In 1981, our pastor in Ft. Smith, AR. visited Korea and saw all of the spiritual revival that was taking place there.  He came back filled with the Spirit and preached and taught with renewed fervor.  He encouraged us to read through the Bible daily and to believe that God not only “could” do what we asked, but “would” do it.  I thought of my years of prayer for Ben and decided to begin praising God that it was already done!  I also started reading my Bible, and for the first time, read through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John consecutively.  I noticed how it stated time and again that Jesus healed the people, and that many times it was an instantaneous healing.  I began to see Ben in my mind’s eye as whole and healed…radiant and enjoying life.  It has been from that time, when Ben was nineteen years old, that he has begun his journey into ABUNDANT  LIFE!

 Some of the things of a spiritual nature that Ben has said throughout his lifetime have been quite profound.  He has a grasp of the Spiritual realm that blesses me so!

 1.  When he was about ten years old, he attended a Sunday School class for handicapped children at one of our local churches in Ft. Smith, and when he came home I asked him what he had learned at Sunday School.  I said, “Ben, did you learn about Jesus?”  Very quickly, like it slipped out, he answered “God is Love!”


Ben at 14

2.  After my father’s death in September, 1975, Ben did not question his absence, even though he and his grandpa were very close.  My mother and I later thought we should explain to Ben what had happened, so we told him of his grandpa’s illness and death, and that he was now in heaven with Jesus.  Ben listened, but still did not make any comment.  So, to make sure he understood, I repeated, “Grandpa is now —–” (thinking he would finish the sentence…saying “in heaven”).  Instead, Ben quickly blurted out “FREE!”  My mother and I just sat there with our mouths hanging open.  Of all the words in the English language, it seemed very unlikely that Ben just happened on to that particular one.  My mother thought that over and then said, “Who but Ben would understand about being “set free?”  I had to wholeheartedly agree!  (Ben was about fourteen years old at the time.)

  3.  After he had moved away from home, he came home for a visit and wentto church with us (which was truly a step of faith on our part).  He behaved very well, so when we got in the car to go home I said, “Ben, you sure were a good boy in church!”  He quickly replied “Praise the Lord”…then after a pause added, “Come to Glory!”  (About fourteen years old.)

  4.  We said a blessing before we ate, and I thought to asked Ben if he would like to say it.  There was quiet for several seconds…then he said, “Thank you for Jesus Christ, Amen!”   (About eighteen years old.)


Ben at 25

5.  Ben was again home for a visit.  I was out in the front yard pulling weeds, and Ben was sitting on the front porch gently bouncing in the “springy” porch chairs.  Suddenly, he came out to where I was, knelt down and looked intently into my eyes and said, “City of Faith, City of Faith.”  I said, “Yes, there it is Ben (because you could see it from our front yard in Tulsa, OK).  That did not seem to satisfy him, and he again said, “City of Faith, City of Faith”…still looking directly at me.  I said, “What about the City of Faith Ben?”  He held his gaze steady and deliberately stated, “PRAY TO THE LORD GOD.”  We had driven by the City of Faith earlier in the week and he had noticed the “Praying Hands” in front of it and he had placed his hands together in the same manner.  I was surprised and pleased at his actions, and had said, “Yes Ben, the hands are praying to God.”  We never knew if he was referring to what I had told him, or if he was admonishing us to pray for the City of Faith. OR, it might have been…asking us to take him to be prayed for there.  But in the ensuing years, when the city of Faith suffered financial reversals and was subsequently sold, we felt that Ben’s words might have had a prophetic ring to them.  (He was about twenty-five years old at this time.)

 6.  I took Ben with me to the prayer room at our church when he was home for a visit.  Instead of praying for the requests silently as I usually did, I felt led to pray out loud so that Ben could hear the prayers and be a part of the proceedings.  When I got all through, I asked Ben if he would like to add anything to the prayer. There was silence for a moment, then he slowly and deliberately said “H-O-L-Y   S-P-I-R-I-T!”  I was awed.  The intensity of his statement overwhelmed me and gave me chills.  After all, that really said it all!  (About twenty-seven years old.)

  7. I asked Ben what Jesus did for us, and he cocked his head and looked like he was thinking deep thoughts.  I decided that I would begin the sentence for him and maybe he could complete it, or at least put in the word he was thinking of.  I said, “Ben, Jesus” —- he slowly said “DIED.”  I said, “On the” —– he added “CROSS!”  I excitedly said, “for our” —- and he triumphantly exclaimed “SINS!” (About twenty-eight years old.)


Ben (34), and his sister, Maureen

8.  We took Ben to have him prayed for at our church after he was found to be suffering from severe esophagitis.  When Larry Eddings started praying and Jay and I each placed a hand on his shoulders, Ben relaxed and almost slumped (a reaction which thrilled me–in that he reacted spiritually the same way that others do when prayed for).  Afterwards, we stood in a circle and took communion.  Then we started singing, “There is power, power, wonder working power in the blood, of the Lamb.”  Ben immediately started singing with us without waiting for any encouragement.  He knew all of the words (and I didn’t know he knew that song).  He also sang, “We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord” with us and knew all of those words too.  His face was radiant and he had a BIG smile on his face all the while.  When we went to leave, the man who had prayed for him gave him a hug and told him it was so good to meet him.   Ben looked a him intently, right in the eyes, and said, “PRAISE GOD!”  It was like he was letting the fellow know that he was receiving all that was said and done in his behalf.  He was thirty-four years old at this time.

9.  All through the years, Ben has continued to respond to Spiritual input, and has a glowing, radiant look on his face when going to church with us.  The people in the choir tell me that they LOVE looking down at Ben because of his smile and “glow!”  He prays before our meals when asked, and waits for us to say a prayer before he eats.  He is my Spiritual buddie extra-ordinaire at age forty-eight.


About autism45

I am the mother of a fifty-nine year old autistic son. My blog, autism45, contains journals, poems, pictures, photography, letters, and other writings and insights pertaining to autism and the spiritual growth we (my husband and I) have experienced from it all. I hope you will visit my blog, and benefit from all I have shared...all that has happened through the years. Take your time, and come back again and again. God bless you and yours!
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