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8. My Letter To Ben’s School Psychologist When He Was Seven–By Carole Norman Scott

This was what I wrote to the school Psychologist in 1970 when she suggested that our autistic son, Ben (at age seven), was too disruptive for their school, and needed to be placed elsewhere!  She listened to what I said, and he was … Continue reading

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5. Kindergarten Experience and Family Changes for Ben–By: Carole Norman Scott

     BEN BECOMES A BIG BROTHER……SUMMER, 1967…FIVE YEARS OLD I remember the summer of my third pregnancy as a happy one.  After I got over the initial “morning sickness” and was on my prenatal vitamins, I felt better than I … Continue reading

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10. My Christian Testimony Concerning Autism (Birth to 57 Years)

By: Carole Norman Scott When we began to notice some changes in our two-year old son’s play and behavior, we wondered what was happening to our darling little red-haired boy.  He had been born on the fourth of July, and was truly a “firecracker”… in … Continue reading

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2. My Diary: Ben’s Birth To Diagnosis At Age Four–By Carole Norman Scott

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Two                         BEN’S  BABYHOOD–SOME WORRIES EVEN THEN July 4th, 1962–Two little red pills and a “hypo” (at the doctor’s orders to help me through the pain of labor–that’s how they did it back then) soon sent me into oblivion.  So much … Continue reading

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My Diary About Ben–Birth To Four Years

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Autistic Child’s Spiritual Potential! By: Carole Norman Scott

 When I toured The Little Lighthouse (a school in Tulsa, OK. for handicapped children), I noticed Bible Verses on the walls.  I was so glad because as I tell in my testimony, Spiritually…. these special children are often already whole … Continue reading

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